This year Silence Festival IV brings Behemoth, the black metal/death metal band from Poland. They have fans around the world and Nepal these days have many Black metal fans too and Behemoth is the legend, they know. Out of Anti-Christianity, Satanism and controversies, Behemoth reflects their ideologies in their songs and they will release their 10th album in 2014.

It would be more of a dream to watch Behemoth live in Nepal. The band will headline the festival and it’s sure that crowd knows what “patience” is on November 9.


The 4th edition of "Silence Festival-IV" will be held on November 9 2013. This time the festival is going to be headlined by Behemoth, a Polish Blackened Death Metal, and the name is enough. Yet another international bands Zygnema and Derrick followed by five of the local bands of Nepal will be carrying the show on. Like always Silence Festival IV will be continuing the legacy and it will bind, again, the musicians and music lovers. However, Silence Festival targets not only music lovers, but also intends to put Nepal in the international arena and to promote tourism and spread awareness of “Human and Humanity” to the people.


This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.


Zygnema is a Mumbai based 4 piece heavy/thrash/groove metal band that mainly focuses on the social/political “fuck-ups” and loves to dig deep down on riffs that are heavy and groove oriented.

The band, over the last 6 years, has won numerous national and international accolades that only do so much to correspond to the powerhouse that the band is. One such accolade is the award for Rolling Stone Metal awards 2011 Best Metal band and Best Metal Song in the popular choice category. Zygnema was formed in December 2006, and since then, have been grooving steadily to the tunes of success and uncompromising determination.

After 3 years of hard work and a year in hibernation, (which the band has artistically paid tribute to in their song, 'Machine state hibernation') the band finally released their debut album. The debut effort, rightfully-titled 'Born of Unity' released on June 04th 2010 in Mumbai. The album features Zygnema crowd favourites, 'Scarface', 'Theory of lies and negation', '59', 'Discriminate', and more.


December 2010, just before the first ever Silence Festival 2010, Guitarist of the Geneva, Switzerland based band Law of silence met up with Avishek K.C the frontman for E.Quals/Lost Oblivion during a recording session at Silence studios, sharing the same passion and drive for music they came up with a plan,and with Bikash Bhujel, Manil Shakya, Bbek Tamang, the plan turned up as UNDERSIDE. Formed in 2010 UNDERSIDE is a metal band with influences from retro rock to old school trash influences delivered in a completely modern way.


Blues, Punk, Grunge and an output of hard rock, Newaz is a talented band that reflects Nepali Awaaz. The band struggled as much as it has the spirit to shine in the scene. And it has, to no surprise. The band performs attacking the heart and mind of people and some overwhelming passion the vocalist has in his voice. In the Silence Festival this year Newaz is all set to rock and roll and rock harder.


" Three young men fed by the green Western plains of europe, founded a new legend of the contemporary rock history; DERRICK. " Daily Horst News 12th of June 2010.

A vitaminized powertrio ( drums, guitar/bass, box ) composting all rock'n roll references, Derrick is an u.f.o which produce vibrations in the air that your eardrums never felt before… excepted if you saw Primus on amphetamines… or Converge playing traditional french folk.

Line up:
Guillaume Ducommun aka Wilhem Von der Speck: guitar & bass
Guido Baba Wyss aka Kücken Hacker: drums
Ben Plüss aka Jakob Glottetrotter: microphone


Spawned in the winter of 2006, JUGAA is a metallic hardcore band that rose from the ashes of local undesirables best left unmentioned. Since their inception, the band has appeared on a compilation and independently released two splits and two EPs.

All of JUGAA's releases can be downloaded at


………. And they come, A death core talented group of young and energetic band And We Came. Very few would not know this band. In the very struggling phase they have gathered their fans and made them go wild in their every gigs. They have played in almost every gig they were offered, small or big, is not their matter of concern, they projected their talent in the core. Praiseworthy is their dedication and Silence Festival IV could not resist the band from lining them up. And We Came , is expected to burn the crowd with loudest of energy in this season.